Who's not excited to watch the Big Game on Sunday? Eyeing for the Patriots or Falcons to bring home the bacon? If you still haven't made up your mind, these analysts predictions may help you decide: Super Bowl LI analyst predictions: Patriots or Falcons in Houston?

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Whilst you are busy analyzing it yourself, let's get you on the top 5 places where you can spend your exhilarated Sunday for the Big game:

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Westroot Tavern

Where:  Westroot · San Diego, CA, United States


Craving for some grillin' and smokin' hot BBQ whilst you are busy screaming for the boos and yeahs on Superbowl Sunday? Westroot Tavern's the place to be. With their Super Bowl backyard BBQ, you can avail of their $25 ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ! No holding back on munching it served fresh from the grills.

image source: GlassDoor.com

Dave & Buster’s Carlsbad

Where: The Shoppes at Carlsbad.

Offers: $7 Huddle O’ Nachos, Cheesy Spinach Dip & Mozzarella Sticks & DRINK SPECIALS EVERY SUNDAY THRU THE BIG GAME!

Don't want to miss any action all throughout the  Big Game? Dave & Buster’s Carlsbad GOT TONS OF MASSIVE HDTVS WITH EPIC STADIUM SOUND that will allow you to see every catch and goals that you are thrilled to witness of. And if ever you will be left hanging when the commercial break comes in, you can always let that feeling out in their arcade center that offers more than enough games that you can play with.

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North County Tavern + Bowl – Escondido

Where: 200 East Via Rancho Parkway, Escondido

Offers: game day specials and prizes

Not everyone in the family is into the Big game on Sunday but you don't want to leave anyone behind whilst you are hooraying for the camp that you love. That's not going to be a problem as the North County Tavern  + Bowl allows them to go bowling or even shopping if they like and enjoy the day with the games that they prepare, of course, with special prizes.

image source: Modern Luxury.com

Searsucker,  Del Mar

Where: Del Mar Highlands Town Center

Offers: All-you-the all-you-can-eat BIgmenu at $85 per person
               All-you-can-drink package at $45 per person.
Treat yourself after screaming your heads out and putting up all your energy with the highs and lows at the Big game on Sunday. A good, complete meal will definitely be a nice idea adding up a pig roast that you can chomp on as you unwaveringly watch with your friends. Searsucker surely knows what to expect as they rolled out an all-you-can-eat and drink promos not to mention and to highlight once again their Pig roast..who does not want one?

image source: Property Casualty 360.com


Where: Your crib

Offers: A taste of your handpick menu, A comfy couch to jump and punch on

Classic as it may seem, nothing beats watching the big game alongside your own circle of friends and being served by your loved ones with the food cooked at home (or takeout). Celebrate the American style this Sunday! Everybody loves a delicious guacamole, steaks, appetizers, barbecue, lots of beer, and lots of chips and dips. Munch out on junk food while cheering as you watch the game, not to mention, the awesome commercials!

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