Wake up to take in that sun in the morning, the sky is clear and blue, and the fresh ocean breeze sweeps your hair back as you take a deep breath as birds sing so beautifully with a backdrop of trees.

This sounds just like a dream but it could be you EVERY DAY. 

This is Rancho Santa Fe

The Rancho Santa Fe Experience: 

You don't leave your home for vacation, you live it every day. Nature embraces your every corner while it thrives along with a buzz of entertainment and a wonderful dining experience from places like the Inn or RSF Golf Course and Club. 

Surrounding Rancho Santa Fe is a wide spread of options for entertainment and escapes, you'll never run out of things to do. You can check out the many beautiful surrounding beaches and parks like Sea grove Park, Batiquitos Lagoon, Fletcher Cove Park, Dog Beach, Swami Beach and Leo Carillo Ranch Historic Park. If you're up for some action on the track, you can visit Del Mar Race Track just 7 km from The Inn at Rancho, Santa Fe.

Despite all that buzz and life around you though you're always welcome to just chill and enjoy the beautiful weather any day. So if you're out looking for a piece of heaven on earth, to find peace, experience nature's beauty and truly live the good life, just come on over to Rancho, Santa Fe. You can plan to stay here for a day, but you'll surely want to stay forever.

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