Del Mar is one of the most beautiful beach cities in the world and it is located in San Diego County, California. It is a small coastal community with a population of about 4,351 people. The name Del Mar, is a Spanish term for "of the sea" or 'by the sea" referring to it's location along the coast of the Pacific Ocean.


  • The most common method of travel in Del Mar is driving
  • Most households in Del Mar has an average of 2 cars
  • The average commuter in Del Mar take about an average of 20.3 minutes driving each way which is shorter than the national average of 24.8 minutes

Data Source: Data USA

Most people in the Del Mar city area use their own vehicles to get around and the term vehicles can and should be used loosely as it does not just mean motor vehicles only. Since this is a small city with generally very nice weather and picturesque views to boot, people usually take their bikes to work as well as take every opportunity to go for walks. 

Image Source: Martha Applegate via Flickr

Public Transportation Options:

NCTD Breeze

NCTD BREEZE buses carry passengers in the north San Diego County region from Oceanside to Del Mar, northeast to Escondido, east to Ramona; north to Fallbrook and to San Clemente in Orange County - including service for Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base.

The BREEZE can take you places from Del Mar to San Clemente, Pala to Escondido and from Vista to Oceanside. Special BREEZE buses can take you to the Del Mar Fair (seasonal). And you can make connections to the COASTER, Metrolink, Amtrak, San Diego Transit and Trolley, the County Transit System and OCTA in San Clemente.

NCTD Coaster

The Train Station in Solana Beach, approximately 1 mile north of Del Mar, provides the comfort and convenience of more than 20 COASTER trains linking North County and San Diego every weekday and 10 trains on Saturdays (the COASTER does not operate regular service on Sundays).

AMTRAK Pacific Surfliner

AMTRAK Pacific Surfliner services San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The Train Station in Solana Beach, approximately 1 mile north of Del Mar, is the regional stop for the Pacific Surfliner. The Surfliner follows the same route into San Diego as the Coaster. However the Surfliner provides rail transportation into Los Angeles and as far north as Santa Barbara.

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