I LOVE doing open houses.  

The most interesting events happen during open houses. 

One Saturday in December while I was putting up my open house signs the sportiest car I had ever seen drove up to me and the driver waved, greeted me by name and followed me to my open house on Avenida Brisa in Whispering Palms.

 I thought I knew who it was but seeing a childhood friend after 20-30 years ...well it took me a moment.

 It had been years since I had seen David.  And the great childhood memories easily came back for us to share. 

 Growing up in Rancho Santa Fe was absolutely magical. David was quite a bit older than me but his sister Susan was my little sister's age so our families planned ski trips, camping trips and different outings with other families. Several families were always involved and it was so much fun to have so many kids to play with! 

RSF Dad Delbert Secrest coached baseball for our Rancho Santa Fe little league team. Rancho was the kind of place you could ride your bike as far as you could until a mom would call your mom to come pick you up.The entire school sang Christmas Carols at the Inn  in  Rancho Santa Fe every Christmas for our parents. 

The BIG news was David and Susan's daughter Lexi was getting married to Justin and they were looking for their first home together!  Whispering Palms seemed like the perfect option because it was close to Mom and Dad, but a mile or two away so for a bit of privacy! 

 David knew I sold homes in Whispering Palms and was quite involved in the community so the chances of running into me were pretty good from his standpoint. And he was right!  He found me right at the entrance of Whispering Palms. 

Most weekends you will find me in Whispering Palms doing open houses on my listings. I feel blessed to live here, make a living selling homes here and I work hard to improve our community through different Boards in Whispering Palms.  That is my way of giving back. 

Susan, Lexi, David, Justin and I looked at homes in Whispering Palms until we found the right one.....and it truly is a perfect fit! I was as proud to have that listing as I was so happy they got a rare commodity in Whispering Palms; a golf course frontage with one of the best views.  

This video shows off how special this home really is! 


The fantastic views from the patio.Lexi and I celebrating their new home!W.P. is A beautiful community to live in. 

My most heartfelt best wishes to Lexi and Justin in their upcoming wedding.  I am so pleased to have them as neighbors and friends in Whispering Palms. 

And did I mention??? Lexi teaches 4th grade at Rancho Santa Fe Elementary...where all of us Rancho kids grew up!