Located about 50 miles north of San Diego, is a little town called Fallbrook, an unincorporated community that has maintained its pristine beauty through the years. This town is well known for its avocado groves, citrus groves, macadamia nuts and plentiful agriculture, characterised by majestic Oaks. Agriculture has been a primary business in Fallbrook. The thriving avocado groves in the area gave it the title "Avocado Capital of the World." They are famous for their annual Fallbrook Avocado Festival held in April where over 100,000 people come to visit the charming and quaint downtown of Fallbrook and share in the festivities, along with all avocado goodness and fun activities.

A simple drive around this little town known as "The Friendly Village" will give you a view of the extensive avocado groves. It is a very special place in San Diego, the land of the sun, with a balmy weather, rolling hills and soft sunsets from the mountaintops. A place where community, family values, caring and sharing with neighbors is foremost in every Fallbrook Residents hearts. Indeed, it is special as it is enjoyable for there are plenty of free and cheap things you can do in Fallbrook .  

If what you are looking for is a peaceful, rural countryside with all the amenities nearby, Fallbrook might just be that place. 

Biszantz Connection is offering a magnificent 10-acre parcel that is west facing, taking advantage of the nightly sunsets that descend over the rolling hills…casting beautiful shadows on the valley nightly until dusk.

These three parcels, totaling over 10 acres are all usable and are gently rolling parcels..ideal for building and preserving the awe-inspiring views.

Please note that the "drawn lot lines' are not exact and need to be confirmed with a title company.

Fallbrook from Jordan Paul on Vimeo.

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