Revel in the view outdoors as you savor the sceneries from your porch in the heart of a city that is a known tourist destination. New Homes are now available for purchasing and is spotted at a 1-mile range from the sands.

And most of these homes are quickly getting SOLD OUT!

Surrounded by water, the greater part of the area is contained within one lake and three lagoons. Carlsbad is one of the most sought after places in San Diego and It was said that *a test done on a fresh-water well discovered the water to be chemically similar to that found in some of the well-renowned spas in the world, since then, the town was named after the famed spa in the Bohemian town of Karlsbad. (now Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic)*. 

Experience spa-like freshness daily in this houses by Shea Homes - Lanai.

The soft and homey interior conveys an idea of purity and relaxation. Dig deeper into the plans and wonder into the white hues of your tub and sink.

All homes come with: 

  • an innovated kitchen 
  • a  variation of 3 Beds  to 5 Beds 
  • from 3.5 Baths to 4.5 Baths.
  • 3 Car Garage amenity
  • Any of the following: a morning room, grand room or a courtyard

Take in the sunlight as it marvels through the curtains of your window pane. With a high ceiling and an expanse living room, grand room, porch and a courtyard, you can spend the days with kids, families, and friends, comfortably. Munch on a popcorn while doing a  series marathon or just simply cuddle with an ice cold bottle of wine or beer. 

These well-equipped family homes take pride in having a sublime casual, comfortable and happily modest style with earthy shades inspired interior that aims to enliven your everyday bustle.

*excerpt from Wikipedia

Buying a home in San Diego North County?

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